The Sensorimotor Learning Lab at Acadia University (aka the Lametti Lab) studies how humans learn to produce, maintain, and remember complex movements, such as limb movements and speech production. The lab also investigates the role of cortical motor systems in language reception, with a particular interest in the cerebellum's contribution to speech perception. We tackle these problems using a variety of experimental methods including behavioural manipulations, noninvasive brain stimulation, large-scale neuroimaging meta-analyses, and computational modelling.

Lab News

10/2021: Paper published! "Reorganization of the Neurobiology of Language After Sentence Overlearning" has been published in Cerebral Cortex.

08/2021: Poster accepted! The lab will present a poster on "Sensorimotor Adaptation in Bilingual Speech" at the Society for the Neurobiology of Language meeting in October. The poster features work by former Acadia undergraduate, Sarah Bobbitt.

07/2021: Paper published! "Speech Perception Under the Tent: A Domain-General Predictive Role for the Cerebellum" is out in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

10/2020: Dan was interviewed by Trace McGill about his experiences in and out of academia.

08/2020: In collaboration with Prof. Anne-Sophie Champod, the lab received a $927,533 grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and Research Nova Scotia! The funds will be used to construct and equip the Acadia University Centre for Neuroscience and Cognitive Health.

04/2020: Paper published: "The perils of learning to move while speaking: One-sided interference between speech and visuomotor adaptation" is out in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review.

09/2019: Dan received an Emerging Scholar Award from the Harrison McCain Foundation for a two-year study titled: "Language Representations in the Bilingual Brain"

04/2019: The lab received a five-year grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada for a program of research investigating sensorimotor learning in speech and co-speech movements.

10/2018: Dan has a new paper in Current Biology with colleagues at Oxford and the University of Montreal: "Robust sensorimotor learning during variable sentence-level speech".

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