Psychology listening, reading, and viewing while in quarantine A collection of psychology-related podcasts, nonfiction articles, short stories, movies, and television shows to keep you entertained while in quarantine.

PsyTeachR University of Glasgow's fantastic introduction to statistics in R for psychology students.

The Lametti Lab R cheat sheet A growing collection of R functions that are commonly used in the lab (with worked examples!) for data wrangling, statistical analyses, and figure generation.

Pink Trombone The best speech synthesizer on the internets.

Neurosynth.org Run large-scale neuroimaging studies from your living room.

Undergraduate machine learning The first lecture in Nando de Freitas' undergraduate machine learning class at UBC.

Dan's articles for Slate.com A link to all thirty-four of the (often crazy) articles Dan wrote for Slate.com as a 2012 editorial intern including the controversial, Why you should go to graduate school in science.