Lab Members

Dan Lametti is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Acadia University and an Honorary Research Fellow in Experimental Psychology at University College London. He has a PhD in Experimental Psychology from McGill University and a BSc in Physics from Bishop's University.

Before joining Acadia, Dan was a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford and a Junior Research Fellow and Lecturer in Psychology at Corpus Christi College Oxford. He tweets @danlametti and Instagrams @danlamettisphone.

Emma Wheeler is a fourth-year psychology student at Acadia studying for an honours degree. For her thesis project, Emma is examining whether English-French bilinguals can acquire language-specific sensorimotor maps for speech production.

Emma is conducting research in the lab as part of Acadia's co-op program. Her work is supported by the Harrison McCain Foundation.


Prof. Douglas Shiller, University of Montreal

Prof. Jeremy Skipper, University College London

Dr. Abigail Bradshaw, University College London

Prof. Carolyn McGettigan, University College London

Prof. Robin Murphy, University of Oxford

Prof. Kate Watkins, University of Oxford

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